Twitter Video Downloader - Save any videos from Twitter on phone or PC

How to download videos from Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site where users post and interact with messages, known as "tweets." These tweets can be text, images or even videos. While it is easy to copy images and text from this platform, downloading the videos can be a tough task. We often wish and look for a twitter video downloader to get the videos in our system.

Your prayers are answered! SocialDown's Twitter video Downloader is an online tool to download Twitter videos, images, GIF and Display Pictures in HD quality with just a few simple clicks.

1st Method: You can save Twitter videos by just copying the post URL and pasting it in the twitter video downloader box as shown in the screenshot below.

2nd Method: The other method to download any image or video is by simply adding an alphabet “q” in the beginning of any Twitter post URL as shown in the screenshot below and presses enter. This will redirect you to the Now, click on the Download button and save the video in your computer or Phone. Let’s go step by step now:

  1. Copy the video URL. Here it is

  2. Paste the URL in the box as shown and click on download.

  3. When you click on download, the twitter video downloader screen as below will appear from where you can choose from the options to download.

We have a very robust algorithm in place that fetches appropriate videos from twitter's server which furthur can be downloaded very easily.