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SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud downloader is a software designed to download content from soundcloud. We already know that soundcloud is an online audio distribution stage that allows its users to upload, record, promote and share their created sounds. With over 150 million tracks, SoundCloud is the world's biggest music and audio streaming platform. It is a place where you can find the all the artists alongside chart-topping albums and tracks for every occasion.

The challenge with SoundCloud is that you can’t download what you like even by creating your account there. You can’t get your desired sound track elsewhere but you can’t download here also. Now what do you do? No worries!! SocialDown's SoundCloud Downloader is an online soundcloud to mp3 converter tool to download your favorite tracks with just a few simple clicks.

Soundcloud to mp3 converter - How to Use it

  1. First of all, you need to search for the SoundCloud Song or Playlist from you would like to Download or convert to mp3.

  2. Just copy that URL of the song or mp3 or track.

  3. Now You need to Paste the URL in the Soundcloud downloader box as shown in the screenshot below.
    soundcloud to mp3 converter

We have a very robust algorithm in place that fetches appropriate videos from twitter's server which furthur can be downloaded very easily.

How to download from soundcloud to mp3 without using software?

The other method to download any song is by simply adding an alphabet “q” in the beginning of any post URL as shown in the screenshot below and presses enter. This will redirect you to the that will be your SoundCloud downloader. Now, click on the Download button and save the audio in your computer or Phone. Let’s go step by step now:

  1. Copy the song URL. Here it is "". I like the first song from the list.
  2. Insert the letter “q” in the beginning of the URL and press enter. Above URL becomes this " after the change". After pressing enter you will be redirected to
    soundcloud downloader
  3. When you click on download, the SoundCloud Downloader screen as below will appear from where you can choose from the options to download. This is the way to use our soundcloud to mp3 converter.

How to download from soundcloud using our chrome extension?

  1. You can save your SoundCloud music by downloading our extension from chrome web store. To convert soundcloud to mp3 just use our soundcloud downloader extension.
  2. After successfully installing our extension you just have to open the specific song in which you wish to download. After that just click on an orange download button which will redirect you to
  3. Our soundcloud to mp3 convertor extension let's you download any music from soundcloud within seconds without visiting any third party website. All you have to do is click on the download button.

Where these songs, track or mp3 will be saved after downloading from soundcloud?

Actually, it depends on your browser's settings. Maximum time, it saves all the downloaded files under "Downloads" folder on windows and mac. If you aren't able to find the downloaded file then we suggest you to check the download history by clicking "Ctrl + J".

Can I download the soundcloud song, mp3 or playlist from any Android mobile or iPhone by the help of Socialdown?

Ofcourse, you can download from any type of smartphone. We have made this tool for almost all types of browsers or devices.

Can I download the Playlist using Socialdown's Soundcloud Downloader?

Yes, You can download soundcloud playlist from our tool. Soundcloud to mp3 downloader has been designed keeping in mind the playlist downloader needs as well.

Which quality downloads does your website support?

We support the highest quality available on soundcloud which is usually 320KBPS.

Why should I choose the Socialdown's Soundcloud to mp3 downloader tool?

As always, just try out a slice out of our pie, you will get this answer. Our tool supports the following features :

  1. Instant mp3 downloads from soundcloud.
  2. We also support downloading playlist.
  3. We provide's incredibly fast downloads.
  4. Socialdown Works On all type of devices.

Soundcloud to mp3 converter has been designed keeping your exact download needs in mind. We provide an exclusive option of downloading soundcloud mp3 which enables you to download mp3 with it's actual name in few seconds. Therefore you don't need to rename it further.

Apart from the normal music downloader, socialdown also offer's souncloud playlist downloader which enables you to download the whole playlist from soundcloud. Play list downloader is also built robustly using the latest technologies which results in zero downtime and 100% efficiency.

Socialdown has been made to serve your social media needs. We don't love downtime's and error with our website but sometimes few things go out of control.So please contact us in case you face any trouble. Meanwhile you can also use our instagram downloader and twitter video downloader in case you need to download content from instagram or twitter. Moreover if you need some extra feature or any other social media downloader from us, please feel free to comment below your opinions as well as suggestions.